Concrete / Brick Skip Bins

Having a cluttered yard filled with concrete, bricks, and other heavy debris can be an eyesore and safety hazard.

At Eco Skip Bins Brisbane, we understand the frustration of not knowing how to properly dispose of these waste types. For over 10 years, our fully licensed and insured company has helped Brisbane residents and businesses conveniently clear away concrete, bricks, and heavy rubbish with our specialty skip bins.

About the Service

Our concrete and brick skip bins are designed specifically to handle heavy debris removal. We provide prompt delivery and convenient skip bin rental periods. When the bin is full, we offer fast pick up and environmentally-responsible disposal of the contents by transporting the materials to a recycling or approved landfill facility.

Customers appreciate our warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee on jobs well done.

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  • Convenient clearing of heavy debris
  • Recycling of bricks, concrete materials
  • Avoid back strain from lifting rubble
  • Regain use of yard or workspace
  • Proper disposal methods
    However – Improper disposal risks injury from sharp debris

Signs You Need Concrete Skip Bin Hire

  • Accumulation of concrete slab pieces, bricks, masonry rubble
  • Leftover materials from building renovations or demolition
  • Excess stone, gravel, soil, pavers from landscaping jobs
  • Broken concrete, tiles, porcelain needing removal
  • Need to discard over 3 tons of heavy debris

Common Disposed Items

Concrete and brick skip bins allow disposal of leftovers from building projects, paving jobs, retaining wall projects, stone work, and other masonry tasks. Our bins securely contain these heavy materials for removal:

  • Concrete chunks, slabs, bricks
  • Masonry rubble, cement pieces
  • Dirt, gravel, sand, fill
  • Pavers, roof tiles, porcelain
  • Rock, stone work leftovers

Cannot Dispose

While our concrete and brick skip bins accommodate dense debris, some items are prohibited:

  • Garbage, organic waste
  • Hazardous materials
  • Liquids, oils, solvents
  • Tree trunks, plant waste

Please call us first about any questionable items for disposal so we can suggest appropriate waste management solutions.


How much waste can your concrete skips hold?

Our bins hold up to 3 tons of dense debris for large projects.

Do you deliver the bin to my address?

Yes, convenient delivery and pick-up are included.

Do you recycle the concrete waste?

We maximize recycling efforts and follow environmental disposal regulations.

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