The Complete Guide to Skip Bin Sizes

Mastering Skip Bin Selection

Looking to rent a skip bin but not sure what size you need?

Choosing the right skip bin size is crucial to ensure you have enough room for your green waste without paying for excess capacity.

In this guide, our friendly team at Eco Skip Bins covers everything you need to know about skip bin sizes to make the right choice.

Choosing the Wrong Skip Bin Size

Getting the skip bin size wrong can lead to a number of headaches and extra costs:

  • Too small – You fill it up too quickly and have to order another collection or upgrade to a larger size last minute
  • Too big – You’re paying for capacity you don’t use while the bin takes up space on your property
  • Overloaded – Extra fees if you exceed the weight limit of the bin

With standard skip bins ranging from 2m3 to 14m3 capacity, it’s important to calculate how much space you actually need.

Calculating Your Skip Bin Size

Follow these steps when working out what size skip bin to get:

  1. Measure up the items you’re disposing of – length, width, and height.
  2. Calculate the total volume in cubic metre skip.
  3. Add up the volumes if disposing of multiple items.
  4. Add an extra 0.5m3 for loose items and space around the contents.
  5. Choose a bin size slightly larger than your total calculated volume.

You know you’ve chosen the optimal size bin when it’s around 3/4 full by the time you finish loading it. Aim to utilise the bin’s capacity without going over the weight limit.

Skip Bin Sizes Explained

Here’s a breakdown of the most common skip bin sizes and capacities:


  • Smallest standard size or mini skip
  • 1.5m x 1.2m footprint
  • 1-1.5m height
  • Holds 1.5-2.5m3 of waste
  • 1,000kg weight limit
  • Ideal for small bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, cleanups, and retail premises


  • 1.5m x 1.8m footprint
  • 1.2m height
  • Holds 2-3.5m3 of waste
  • 1,500kg weight limit
  • Suitable for kitchen refits, shop fitouts, and small landscaping projects


  • 2m x 1.8m cubic metre skip bin
  • 1.2m height
  • Holds 3-4.5m3 of waste
  • 1,500kg weight limit
  • Ideal for house renovations, garage clearances, broken wall tiles, curtain rails, floor coverings, and shower screens


  • 2.4m x 1.8m footprint
  • 1.5m height
  • Holds 4.5-6.5m3 of waste
  • 2,500kg weight limit
  • Great for major home renovations, large office refurbs, deceased estate, and backyard makeovers


  • 3m x 1.8m footprint
  • 1.8m height
  • Holds 6-9m3 of waste
  • 3,000kg weight limit
  • Ideal for demolitions, strip outs, extensive landscaping


  • 3m x 2.4m footprint
  • 2m height
  • Holds 8-12m3 of waste
  • 4,500kg weight limit
  • Great for major demolitions, furniture, and renovation projects


  • 3.6m x 2.4m footprint
  • 2.1m height
  • Holds 9-14m3 of waste
  • 5,000kg weight limit
  • Ideal for large construction sites and industrial waste


  • 3.6m x 2.7m footprint
  • 2.3m height
  • Holds 10.5-16m3 of waste
  • 6,000kg weight limit
  • Suitable for huge demolition projects

Choosing Skip Bin Extras

Along with skip size, consider these skip bin hire service extras to suit your project:

  • Lockable lids – Prevent unauthorised access and debris escape
  • All-weather tarps – Keep contents protected from the elements
  • Drop down doors – Improve access for wheelbarrows and large items
  • Double doors – Easier to load from both sides
  • Castors/wheels – Increase mobility if needing to move the bin around
  • Ramps – Make loading bulky/heavy items simpler

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular skip bin size?

The 4m3 skip bin is the most popular and versatile size for many residential and commercial projects.

How do I calculate how much waste will fit in a skip bin?

Measure your waste items individually, calculate total volume, add extra for loose items and space, then select a bin at least 1/4 larger than your total volume.

What if I underestimate and overfill the skip bin?

You may incur overfill excess fees if the weight limit is exceeded. Avoid this by renting a larger size initially or organising an additional pickup.

Should I hire the largest skip bin just in case?

No, the optimal size is just enough for your project with a little extra room. Oversized bins will cost you more for unused capacity.

How much clearance do I need around the skip bin?

Allow 1 metre clearance on all sides for maneuverability. Check access width as some bins are wider than 2.4m.


Taking the time to properly size your next skip bin rental ensures a streamlined waste removal process.

Calculate your volume needs, choose a bin with adequate capacity, and avoid common mistakes like overfilling.

Utilising the optimal skip bin size saves you money, fits your space, and makes waste disposal efficient.

With the guidelines above, you can tackle any project and keep the job site clean.

Hire the right sized skip for a seamless rubbish removal experience.